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Behind the broken ribs, concussions, blood, sweat and pain, is a world understandable only by the few. The "sweet science" as they call it, Boxing is a chess game played within the ring. There is a rhythm and tune to it. The greatest of all times like Mohammed Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather have showcased it whenever they stepped into with their gloves on. Times and techniques have changed, some hearts in the world are still yearning for the adrenaline rush.

World champions

After a year of lockdown and restrictions, the boxing world breathed a little this year. Tyson Fury's trilogy win over Deontay Wilder, Oleksander Usyk's shock to Anthony Joshua and Canelo Alvarez successful title defences are few of the moments which will be remembered. The evergreen fighter Manny Pacquiao was usurped by Yordenis Ugas in August. More action is remaining in the calendar year.


Fans are drifting towards high-octane less time-consuming content in the past decade. The rise of Mixed Martial Arts has dulled the glamour on boxing a bit. Broadcasters like DAZN, Showtime and BT Sports are quarrelling among each other and with the fighters. Canelo Alvarez has an ongoing dispute with DAZN.

Boxing Federation is stirring the pond for its share. Agreements and contracts are dragging the process and fans are seeing fewer fights each year. A long argument over the Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder fight coupled with the mandating of Anthony Joshua's meeting with Oleksander Usyk squandered the fans' wish of seeing Joshua battle Fury.

One of the other subjects, concerning the health aspect of the boxers, is the brain damage. Several legends like Mohammed Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson and Joe Louis have fallen prey to neurological problems later in their lives. Cognitive diseases like Alzheimer, Parkinson and chronic traumatic encephalopathy to past boxers are raising concern among parents. More protective measures should be taken by the boxing authorities if boxing should transcend time boundaries.

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